INCT-INSID - Instituto Nacional de Sistemas de Informação e Decisão | National Institute of Information and Decision Systems

Research Areas

AvDec: Methodological advances in decision making and aid

  • AvMCDM-A: Methodological advances in MCDM/MCDA;
  • AvGDN: Methodological advances in GDN;

MDAmb: Decision models in environmental context

  • MClima: building Decision models in mitigation of climate changing and risk reduction of disturb due to flood in Brazilian cities;
  • MAgua: building Decision models in for environmental policies, including water management;

MDEnergia: Decision models in energy context

  • MEnergiaAlt: building Decision models in for renewable energy polices and alternative energy sources;
  • MEnergiaPlanMan: building Decision models in for planning and maintenance of energy systems;
  • MRRM: building Decision models for technological risk, reliability and maintenance , in various systems, including nuclear energy, and renewable energy system;

MDServ: Decision models in service systems

  • MSegPub: building Decision models for public security;
  • MPlanDef: building Decision models for planning and management of national defence and security;
  • MPlanTI: building Decision models for business strategic planning for using information technology;
  • MPlanS: building Decision models for planning and management of healthy systems;
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