XI SIDS 2019

XI SIDS 2019

The 11th Seminar on Information and Decision Systems, SIDS 2019, will take place in  Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, 05th -07th December 2019.

SIDS 2019  provides a forum for those working in developing advanced research and applications on decision making and aiding (including multicriteria and multiobjective methods – MCDM-A, and group decision and negotiation – GDN).

The Seminar will provide a stimulating environment for the dissemination of state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of multicriteria and multiobjective methods – MCDM-A, and group decision and negotiation – GDN, and those potential works that can use those methodologies, allowing for intense discussions among participants and the exchange of ideas and critical comments for further improvement.


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN


Call for Papers

You are cordially invited to submit papers to the SIDS 2019. Themes and areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:

Methodological advances in decision making and aid

  • Methodological advances in MCDM/MCDA
  • Methodological advances in GDN
  • Neuroscience and Decision

Decision models in the environmental context

  • Building Decision models in mitigation of climate changing and risk reduction of disturb due to flood in Brazilian cities
  • Building Decision models in for environmental policies, including water management

Decision models in the energy context

  • Decision models for renewable energy policies and alternative energy sources
  • Decision models in for planning and maintenance of energy systems
  • Decision models for technological risk, reliability and maintenance, in various systems, including nuclear energy, and renewable energy system

 Decision models in the service systems

  • Decision models for public security
  • Decision models for planning and management of national defense and security
  • Decision models for business strategic planning for using information technology
  • Decision models for planning and management of health systems

Potential Applications of Decision and Negotiation Models

  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance and Reliability
  • Business
  • Policy
  • Diplomacy and international relationships
  • Education
  • Water and natural resources
  • Sustainability
  • Software engineering
  • Interaction of human and software agents
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Auction theory
  • Bargaining theory
  • Collaboration engineering
  • Conflict analysis and resolution
  • Design research in negotiation systems
  • Game theory

Important Dates

Deadline for Submission  (Abstracts, Extended Abstract and Full Papers): September 02, 2019
Notification of Authors: October 04, 2019
Earlier Registration: October 30, 2019
SIDS: 5 to 7 December 2019

Conference Committees

Program Chair

Danielle Costa Morais, UFPE

Steering Committee

Adiel Teixeira de Almeida, UFPE
Petr Ekel, PUC-MG
Marcos Pereira Estellita Lins, UFRJ
Helder Gomes Costa, UFF
Mischel Carmen Neyra Belderrain, ITA
Danielle Costa Morais, UFPE
Maria Teresinha Arns Steiner, PUCPR


Program Committee

Alexandre Bevilacquea Leoneti, USP
Ana Paula Cabral, UFPE
Annibal Parracho Sant’Anna, UFF
Carlos Francisco Simões Gomes, UFF
Caroline Maria de Miranda Mota, UFPE
Cristiano Cavalcante, UFPE
Daniel Aloise
Eduarda Asfora Frej, UFPE
Fernando Schramm, UFCG
Francisco de Sousa Ramos, UFPE
Leandro Chaves Rêgo, UFC
Vanessa Batista de Sousa Silva, UFCG
Helder Gomes Costa, UFF
João Carlos Correia Baptista Soares de Mello, UFF
Lídia ângulo Meza, UFF
Luciana Hazin, UFPE
Luiz César Ribeiro Carpinetti, USP/SC
Maisa Mendonça, UFPE
Marcelo Alencar, UFPE
Marcos Pereira Estellita Lins, UFRJ
Maria Teresinha Arns Steiner, PUCPR
Mariana Rodrigues de Almeida, UFRN
Mischel Carmen Neyra Belderrain, ITA
Petr Ekel, PUC-MG


Organizing Chair

Mariana Almeida, UFRN
Ana Luiza Andrade
Gabriela Silva…..

Keynote Speaker

To be announced



To be announced