The Seminar on Information and Decision Systems (SIDS) is an international event. It involves international researchers fellow, well-respected in the scientific community, in addition to Brazilian researchers staff. Access the previous issues and know more about the event history.

The event is dedicated to issues related to Information and Decision Systems and is directed to specialists, professionals and research staff who are interested in this topic.

The frequency of the event is annual, but it may be half-yearly or biennially, depending on the demands and opportunities involved. The timing of the event is between the months of May and October, and is, normally, held in Recife, in the Centre for Technology and Geosciences of the Federal University of Pernambuco.

The event, which has an international character, will be held at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. The target audience is students and professionals of the discipline, dedicated to themes related to information and decision systems.

SIDS will be mounted in a dynamic way, and will comprise different types of sessions:

– Session plenary 1 – obligatory at all events. It consists of a Lecture by an international guest (Keynote speaker), widely respected in the scientific community;
– Session plenary 2: this consists of one or more lectures proferred by local or national guests;
– Workgroup meeting: this consists of sessions organized prior to the event which will address issues specific to ongoing projects, studies, and surveys, with the participation of the keynote speaker;
– Panel which will debate more general topics within the theme of the event. This panel will comprise a coordinator ou moderator, with the possibility of there being one or more debaters, amongst whom, the international guest. In this session, two or more research workers set out their views before the debate begins.
– Technical session – sessions may be offered based on articles submitted by authors and approved by a selection committee;
– Round-table: a meeting at which the debaters argue for opinions that clearly diverge from each other on a given theme.
– Forum with the production sector: a session which involves members of the production sector or delivering technical lectures directed at members of the production sector. The speaker will take questions. Limited number of places;